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New here!

Postby Beanins » 7 months ago

Hello~ I just turned 18 today! I've seen this site around for quite some time but I knew to wait until I was old enough to participate in kink communities till I joined. Well~ today's that day! My name is Bean! It's just my middle name but that's what everyone calls me. Beanie and Beanins are also acceptable things to call me! As I said I'm 18 but about 5 (or younger) at heart haha! I'm from Houston Texas y'all~ I like relaxing with friends and sometimes I like to party o.o Some of my favorite things to do are cook/bake, play with my pets
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dance in my undies, watch Disney movies, and goof around and take selfies! If I sound fun to you then you're probably really cool 8-) and we should be friends! I could use a few friends because as I said, very new to this community and need someone to show me around lol :3 Anyways~ A bit more about me: My favorite color is pink (I dye my hair pink) favorite food is steak! Medium rare~ Always! Favorite animal is a kitty, snake, or bird(but mainly just MY bird his name's Peanut!) If there's something else that you're curious about just ask I don't bite too hard! Hehe~ Toodles :D

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