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Help with Daddy Issue

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Help with Daddy Issue

Postby FireflyPrincess » 1 year ago

Hi. So my problem is is that he doesnt have much time for me anymore. I get a couple texts a day at the most, but most of the time I dont get any. And recently he said he doesnt like sexting and roleplaying which I dearly need and feel neglected without. Im not comfortable with pictures and videos just yet. I miss him and I love him, but the thought of ending it has come up in my mind a few times. Im scared to do it but I just dont know what to do. Please help.

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Re: Help with Daddy Issue

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

It's possible that you two have outgrown each other or that you need to have a serious conversation to figure out what type of compromises each of you need to make.

Good relationships are full of compromises from both parties. If you feel so strongly that you NEED something to maintain your happiness in a relationship then he needs to know that it is a must-do and that if he doesn't really want to do it that it is a compromise he NEEDS to make.

The same goes for you though. If you know he really, really, REALLY despises something that you can certainly live happily without then you should consider compromising with him and either finding a middle ground that meets both of your needs or let him 'have it his way' since it isn't a need of yours.

This is going to boil down to you needing to have a serious talk with him. I'd suggest that if you two are long distance that you both hop on a video chat like Skype and talk it over. Don't be afraid to cry and tell him how deeply this is causing distress.

If you don't ever tell him, he isn't going to know how important this is to you. He isn't a mind reader and neither are you. Maybe he's pulling back in some areas because he, himself, feels neglected. We don't know.

So, let him know that you two need to have a serious, time-dedicated 'date' to talk about some things that are on your mind. Then, let him know without blaming him. Say things like:

I don't want things to end and this is why I'm coming to you with my thoughts here.

I'm worried about where we are headed and it's kind of scary on my end.

I need you to know about some thing I've been thinking about lately.

I think we have a really good thing going on, but I also know that we both have needs that might be met right now. I want to talk about that and have everything all laid out on the table so we know how to go from here.

ALSO: If he is pressuring you to send him sensual pictures or video then that is not okay. If you're not comfortable with certain sensually-intended situations then you certainly should not compromise with those. If your Daddy doesn't understand that you are delicate and need to be nurtured to feel safe and comfortable then he isn't being a very good Daddy.


Re: Help with Daddy Issue

Postby FireflyPrincess » 1 year ago

It alright.. we ended things.

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Re: Help with Daddy Issue

Postby Kitten » 1 year ago

I'm sorry. My Daddy just told me I'm too spoiled and insecure and He doesn't want a spoiled brat.

I'm trying not to be scared....I hope you are feeling okay...Let's •hold hands• and not be scared or sad together.

I have a firely...a real one!!! I can send you a picture to make you smile!
~•~ princess kitty ~•~


Re: Help with Daddy Issue

Postby FireflyPrincess » 1 year ago

*gasps and holds your hand* my ex just said that he never loved me and then said bye. And that one dude sounds like an idiot.

I can be a spoiled brat too and its totally okay.

I would love to see it! ^.^

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