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Just joined, a little nervous

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Just joined, a little nervous

Postby DaisyHaze » 1 year ago

Hi everyone, so I just joined this forum because I just recently delved into this lifestyle. I'm still not sure what to make of it exactly but I really like it so far.

Basically, I'm a polyamorous 20-something, and a few years ago my bf entered a relationship with one girl who wanted to call him Daddy. I didn't really ever consider doing it, but I thought it was interesting. A while after they broke up, I was still interested in the idea and asked him if he would like it if I engaged with him like that. I tried it, but it wasn't anything special so I figured it's not for me and moved on.

Later, I came to have another relationship with a guy who actually is older than me. Our dynamic is really different and I love it. At one point I asked him if any girl had ever called him Daddy, and he said they hadn't and we tried it out and it was amaaaziiing!! Now I'm totally hooked. I never imagined the extent that different relationships have on such intense dynamics and kinks.

I was never one to embrace youthful or childlike activities or traits, I was always a mature, serious child and chronic depression really affected my youth and teen years badly. I feel like I get to take back a part of my life I didnt get to enjoy the way I wanted to, and try things the way I would have liked them to go instead of how they did go. I've been wearing colors that i was never comfortable with like pink and purple and enjoying the cute fun things I ignored before. I didn't expect to be so affected by it and it's a little overwhelming.

So I guess I came here to vent and get some insight. I guess I have some lingering prejudice or judgment or something about this, not towards other people but towards myself, but I'm trying to overcome it.

Nice to meet you all and stuff, hope to see you all around. :)

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Re: Just joined, a little nervous

Postby DaddyDoRight » 1 year ago

What a lovely little story Daisy. I am so glad you are finally able to open up and enjoy yourself and embrace your youthfulness. It's perfectly normal I think coming in to something new to have this massive amount of social prejudices hardwired into your brain from years of living around intolerant or closed-minded individuals, but this is a very positive environment where we will do our best to answer questions and help you on the road to self discovery and embracing your true inner self.

Welcome! I hope you have a great time here.
There are some people who always make you smile, who always make you happy, who always do their best to show you the positive side of everything. I hope to be one of those people.

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