hiya it's rosie!!

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hiya it's rosie!!

Postby rosiebaaby » 7 months ago

hey!! my name is rosie and i'm 18!! :angel: i'm really sweet and i have a soft voice! i love to watch disney and scifi movies that really interest me!!! :MM: i love to meet new people and having fun! i don't drink but i smoke sometimes. i'm a huge brat :devil: but i like to follow rules/orders.

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Re: hiya it's rosie!!

Postby DaddyDoRight » 7 months ago

Hello Rosie, I'm DoRight (like Dudley DoRight), and I'm new here too. You sound like a very sweet girl and I think you will have no problems making new friends here and sharing your interests. I love Disney movies and Sci-fi movies too, I think Wall-E and Treasure Planet are really awesome because they are both Disney and Sci-fi :)
There are some people who always make you smile, who always make you happy, who always do their best to show you the positive side of everything. I hope to be one of those people.

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