New Little Girl: Sunni

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New Little Girl: Sunni

Postby Sunni » 7 months ago

Hello! I am new to this, so I don't know about age or anything. I guess I probably have a wide range guessing by some of the stuff I like.
I like video games, legos, reading, bubble baths, and snuggling. I love to go shopping and play dress-up, but I am not into princesses or stuffed animals.
I am looking forward to making friends!

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Re: New Little Girl: Sunni

Postby DaddyDoRight » 7 months ago

Hello Sunni, welcome! I am new here as well. I also love Legos, and Video Games. I wouldn't worry about not liking princesses or stuffed animals though, you are free to be whatever kind of girl you wish here. I hope you meet lots of nice friends and find what you are searching for!
There are some people who always make you smile, who always make you happy, who always do their best to show you the positive side of everything. I hope to be one of those people.

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