Introductions? Been a while since I did one of those...

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Introductions? Been a while since I did one of those...

Postby Rock_N_Roll_Writer » 7 months ago

Hi! My name is Rebecca Alexander, and I'll respond to either of those names, or both, or just my username is fine (or an acronym of my username).
I've been aware of the ageplay community for about a year but I'm just recently realizing that it might be a place for me to be as I notice I turn to childhood devices (teddy bears, blankets, fuzzy pillows) in times of stress (finals, dissociation).
I'm really hoping to learn a lot about the ins and outs of this community, and maybe even find a place to come and relax when I just need some time to not be an adult for a while.
Here's to fun times!

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