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How to find an ABDL Caregiver?

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Bedhead21 supporty
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How to find an ABDL Caregiver?

Postby Bedhead21 supporty » 11 months ago

Hi im Babyboy Fan, do you have any tips into finding a caregiver for the first time? I am excited to hop into this new world and have some fun, and new experiences. :lol:

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Re: Hi new to the life, Any tips? Fan here!

Postby DaddyforLG » 11 months ago


- introduce yourself in the chatroom and actively chat. It's a great way to build your network of friends and show off your bubbly personality.
- check out the personals to learn about what each CG has to offer and to see if you come across a motivational fit.
- create you own personal ad and don't be afraid to make periodic comments to your own thread to keep it fresh and interesting.
- wander around the site. Explore and respond to topics and discussions that interest you.
- ask other littles if they may know a CG that may also be looking for a partner.
- be patient. Be yourself. When the time is right and the stars align your CG will find you.

Best of luck in your search!
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