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new and need help  [Answered]

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new and need help  [Answered]

Postby little-cherri-girl » 11 months ago

Hello I am new to this site and was wondering if someone could help me navigate it i tried entering a chat room and couldn't figure out how to chat. hehe Help would be really appreciated :D

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★ admin ★
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Re: new and need help

Postby admin » 11 months ago

Hi, little-cherri-girl:

Welcome to our lovely community site here at Littlespace Online. I think you're really going to enjoy it here with us. I understand that you aren't sure what to do on the site or how to use it properly. Please thoroughly read these articles and the links they connect to:
Also, there is a good reason that the site guide is the first thing you were directed to when you registered. Reading it helps a ton in figuring out what you can do here with us.

Thank you! :D

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