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Role: Little girl


Postby Pancakegirl98 » 11 months ago

Hi, I'm new to this site. I discovered ddlg thru a story on wattpad. After reading a lot of stories and looking up what ddlg meant. I realize, this is me. I act a younger age then I should as my family says it. I been put down for the way I act. Now that I know there someone to accept little me and love me for it, I found this website to find more people who will accept me.
Somethings about me:
I love coloring books
Disney movies, actually anything Disney. I have big collection... including some of my stuffies, Beauty and the beast is my favorite.
I LOVE BUTTONS!! I have a collection of so many and still want more.
I love comic books, I like Marvel the most.
My favorite color is purple.
I don't know how to use make up or do anything with my hair. I don't even know how to braid my hair -.-
I'm 18 and a senior in highschool I graduate this month.
I love baked mac and cheese
I watch tv shows like supernatural and ghost whisper.
that's all I can think of at the moment...

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