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Ddlg is not illegal activity

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Ddlg is not illegal activity

Postby JuneStar » 2 years ago

I was talking with an adult acquaintance online a couple of weeks ago and somewhere along the lines primary kinks came up. I said that I was heavily into the Ddlg scene and had an active Daddy. He said that it sounded nice and inquired a little further, asking what age I had a tendency to go into while in littlespace.

My answer is around 4 to 7. I'm physically 28 years old but in littlespace I'm not so much. Sometimes I act younger than that, even, muttering only half-words and cute phrases instead of big grown up words and talk.

He then came back with, "Oh. Don't you feel that playing like that know..."

In the end, he was suggesting that it promoted something horrible and illegal. I came back with, "No, not at all. I'm still an adult physically and mentally. My actions or language don't make me something I'm not. I'd never encourage something so terrible."

He disagreed and left it at that. He said that I was sexualizing something that wasn't to be sexualized.



What would have been a better come back/explanation to Ddlg?

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Magnus supporty
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Re: Ddlg is not illegal activity

Postby Magnus supporty » 2 years ago

There really won't be one. People who do not understand cetain sensual flavors and adult interests always will think "well that shouldnt be sexualized" The human brain is incredibly malleable into what turns a person on/off. There are a lot of ascpets to ageplay that some would think "oh that glorifies child involvement etc" which is untrue. Unless the person is ACTUALLY involving a child, which is seriously crossing a line and makes the rest of us look bad.

It's best to just shake the proverbial dust off your sandals and assume the person is too narrow minded to accept anything outside of their comfort zone and not bring it up again. Personally i'm an Eproctophile (sensually around by farting) some people get it, some don't. Some people find it disgusting and think i'm rather firetrucked in the head for it, but that's on them. You dont HAVE to convince people why you like what you do. :P

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