Hello, I am John Egbert :B

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Hello, I am John Egbert :B

Postby JohnEgbert » 6 months ago

Hey i'm new here, and I recently came to grips with the fact that I am a switch, A Daddy Dom somedays and a Little Boy on others,

to say it's been difficult mentally would be a lie, finding a community that is open and friendly is entirely different. so i hope that my stay here is a fortuitous one as for what it is i do I am currently in the process of writing a musical, and hoping to get into a nice college where i can study Information Technology and other computer based sciences i am an avid reader of anything i can get my hands on and i watch pretty much every animated thing out there, as long as it suits my taste, i have a longstanding obsession with the 1980s that i can neither defend nor deny. movies, music, video games, the whole deal. I also enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, and playing piano from time to time. along with that i greatly enjoy writing poetry and various other stories.

I have high functioning cerebral palsy, so you might need to excuse a few typos if anyone decides to RP or start up a conversation with me.

Thanks for helping me find somewhere safe


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