Hi hi! I'm Shannon.

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Hi hi! I'm Shannon.

Postby littlekittygoesmew » 6 months ago

Hi everyone!

My name is Shannon! :yay: I'm an 18 year old little/pet living in New York.

I'm in a relationship with my daddy Neil, and I love him very much. I'm also here to make new friends, and meet other people in the community. I hope this will be a good experience for me.

I've known I was a little for over a year now, and I only recently decided to live the lifestyle 24/7! So please bare with me if I'm not used to everything I see or hear.

Likes: stuffies, pacifiers, sippy cups, coloring, cuddling, singing, naps, sweets, back massages, being dressed, being tucked in, being with daddy, kissing daddy, holding daddys hand <3

Dislikes: bullies, timeouts, being abused, creepy people, liars & cheaters

:D :) :lol: :o :yay: ::3: :rofl: :stuffie: :share: :pres: :luff: :hugs: :nini: :angel: :fight:
~KittyMewMew~ ::3: :luff: :cake:

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