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What can I do for my Caregiver?

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What can I do for my Caregiver?

Postby SyriLamby » 10 months ago

So, I rather recently found out that I was a little. I didn't really know there was such a thing, and I just thought the way I acted was kind of wierd compared to everyone else.

But anyways onto my questions:
1. What can I do for my caregiver(sorry if that's the wrong term, I'm not good with names)? Is there anything that I could do that would help them?
2. I often get hungry and my Daddy will ask me what I want, but I'm to shy to give an answer or I just don't know what I want, should I be prepared to give a solid answer? Or would it be okay to explain to my Daddy that I don't know and I'd prefer they choose for me?

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Re: What can I do for my Caregiver?

Postby BigPapa » 10 months ago

First, work hard to communicate. That's the most important part of any relationship. Ask what you can do. Ask how they feel. Ask if their needs are met.

I personally think it would be wonderful if a little said something like "Doesn't Daddy decide what we eat for dinner?" That's a subtle hint. He may not have realized that the Daddy part of the relationship can/does extend to meals for you.

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Re: What can I do for my Caregiver?

Postby littleun » 8 months ago

It sounds like you could do with having a nice honest talk with your Daddy about how "controlling" or Dominant you wish him to be and how much he feels comfortable with. It may be he's afraid of being too overbearing or isn't sure what exactly you would like from him. :)

If you're shy about coming forward about your feelings try talking about it while you're snuggled up in bed with him in the dark. :)

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Re: What can I do for my Caregiver?

Postby AKRMOMMIE » 6 months ago

Being a mommy/daddy is very hard. We want so very much to please our littles however adult littles are so very different than biological littles. The first thing you should do is schedule time to have an adult conversation with your DD. Discuss every aspect of what you want/need and ask DD what he wants/needs if he doesn't volunteer.

In my case my ABDL gave me pretty much no clue about what he likes/expects, etc. I'm not shy and made numerous inquiries, even providing him with a list of rules. He responded sporadically but for the most part hasn't responded leaving me completely in the dark.

I came online and conducted research but unlike most adult interests/kinks this is very individual so what works for everyone else most likely won't work for your situation

This reinforces my suggestion to make the time to schedule that adult time. Your lives will be so much richer if you do. After all, would you rather have your DD happy or frustrated?

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Re: What can I do for my Caregiver?

Postby sarge67 » 4 months ago

I suggest before anything with a new caregiver; both of you sit down as grown ups and discuss things out. What are you allergic to? What foods do you like/hate? What budget is the caregiver on (depends on how pampered you will/will not be), sensual or not during child play? most important 'TIME OUT/SAFETY' word very important. If you want your caregiver to decide on meals, movies, shows, activities then you need to make sure they are aware of it. If you are giving full control over expect to eat your brocolli and spinach (you will eventually lose that battle).

As long as that is completed, all other issues will fall into place. But be very detailed during that discussion and if new ones arise use the Time Out word and go back into grown up mode to discuss issues. Remember they may be the King/Queen, but you (grown up mode) are the power behind the throne.
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