Ddlg / ageplay / littles on SecondLife?

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Ddlg / ageplay / littles on SecondLife?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Years ago, more than a decade now, I think SecondLife banned Daddy/daughter ageplayers. I think it was because they were using child avatars for their little personas and it was making it awkward in the game.

Does anyone know if they are allowed in game now? I mean, the Ddlg kink? Not the child avatars--I don't really care either away about cartoon people :lol: Just curious if there's a scene in SL now. It'd be kind of neat to littlespace a virtual area up.

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Re: Ddlg / ageplay / littles on SecondLife?

Postby Magnus » 1 year ago

what's secondlife?

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Re: Ddlg / ageplay / littles on SecondLife?

Postby sugar_frost » 11 months ago

There is a very active DD/lg community within SecondLife, but ageplay (using child avatars) is still against the TOS.

SecondLife is a virtual world, and is literally a second life where you can do just about anything. I have been in secondlife for about 7 years now, and it is where I first learned about DD/lg.

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