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Hello! New to this scene..

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Hello! New to this scene..

Postby Pinkpaci » 1 year ago

Hello!! I'm new to all of this, and not quite sure where I fit in yet. I have identified as a little ever since I read this article that was something like, the difference between a little and an ageplayer, or something. But I didn't think there was any community. I've always loved child like and innocent things and I age regress quite a bit. I think it's a part of my personality, though I don't know if its natural or caused by trauma. It isnt sensual for me.

The main reason I joined this place and am trying to find community is because I've started to feel ashamed.. What kind of adult has so many kids toys, drinks out of a sippy cup, and hates to even be called an adult??? I don't even have a job right now.. So I know how other people might see me.. A pathetic loony who doesn't want to contribute to society!! A freak..

I guess I was hoping if I joined here I might feel less bad about myself..

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Re: Hello! New to this scene..

Postby LeonicBear » 1 year ago

Well, welcome to littlespace:) you should feel at home here. I'm Mikey nice to meet you.

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Re: Hello! New to this scene..

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Hi there!

I also feel like I don't fit in sometimes and develop some weird self-shame about being into ageplay. I understand how that goes.

The thing is, you're not alone. It's okay. It's safe, sane, and as long as everything is consensual (speaking both sensual and nonsexual) people really shouldn't have a problem with us. Society isn't like that though :( but the community is growing and becoming more popular in these past few years, I've found.

Nonetheless, welcome to the community. I'm super glad you're here and I hope you get to know everyone so you feel like we're a safe zone for you

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