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Long Distance Ideas for DDLG Couples

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Long Distance Ideas for DDLG Couples

Postby Fluffy_pastels » 11 months ago
Long distance activities/ideas
Long distance can be hard. You may want to see your caregiver irl often, cuddle and ect. Sadly,
that can't always happen or you may be using video chatting for a while or that's all. You can't do
some things that other couples can do. But.... there are still many things you can do together! I
made a list of activities you can do together. Some of these are quicker and others are more time
consuming. I would love to hear if you have any more ideas that you have, how you deal with your
ldr, troubles with ldr and more. Please comment or message me if you want. Enjoy the list!

  1. 1. Post notes and pictures on a virtual bulletin board for each other on there.
    2. Make a private room and sync and watch videos at the same time here.
    3. Travel the world together with 360 views here.
    4. Go to a concerts together on here.
    5. Design a house to live in together on the website. There are also many
    other websites and downloaded things to make and design houses.

    6. Do a classic love move by virtually carving your name into a tree.
    7. Adopt a virtual pet or baby.
    8. Role play, text, video chat, call and email with each other.
    9. Download teamviwer on go on Tumblr or game sites together.
    10. Read a book to each other over a voice recording, video or video chat.
    12. Make a Tumblr/blog/website and run it together.
    13. Write a future letter to each other.
    14. Go on a coffee shop webcam date.
    15. Do a date-in-a-box.
    16. Read the same book and discuss it with each other.
    17. Read more ideas and tips here.

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