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Hello I am Meerfrungjau :)

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Hello I am Meerfrungjau :)

Postby Meerfrungjau » 1 year ago

Hellooo Fellooooows! :)

I am Meerfungjau, 21 years old, from somewhere in middle Europe.
I discovered my kink about a year ago so things are kind of fresh and I am still exploring... i guess I am non-age-regressing but I am not quite sure. I am very childish around my boyfriend but not as extreme that I would call it real ageplay... it is difficult to label I guess.
My boyfriend knows about my kink but I am currently in the state of trying to explain the kink/lifestyle better to him so he can get involved if he isn´t creeped out. At the moment I try to research a lot to take the next step without scaring the hell out of him. Thehehe. :P So far he loves my childish self lot and is very protective, so we got a good "base" for DDLG... let´s see how it will all develop... :geek:
I am strictly monogamous and love my boyfriend from head to toe. If he gets hooked with DDLG, it would be the sweetest cherry on top of the giant icecream... ;)
We live together and have a young dog (labrador). :)

I hope to make good friends here and maybe get some help with finding my self and getting my boyfriend more involved in my kink.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)


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Re: Hello I am Meerfrungjau :)

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

heh, I'm so super nerdy that when you said Middle Europe my mind auto-translated it to Middle Earth. I was like, "Wai...what?!"

It's neat to get to introduce someone you care about so deeply to the scene. I introduced my Daddy to it and it's been such a wonderful aspect to our relationship. One on one, people are much more open to and accepting of this type of dynamic.

Anyway though, I'm also looking for friends so, who knows, maybe we'll become besties :p Either way, glad to see you around these parts of the internet :)

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Re: Hello I am Meerfrungjau :)

Postby Meerfrungjau » 1 year ago

Hello Star :D

Unfortunately, I don´t live in Middle Earth... :D So you like Lord of the Rings a lot? Me too, but sometimes it is too scary for my little-mode...

I hope my introduction to DDLG will end up as good as yours with your daddy... At the moment I am not that optimistic though... *sigh* But eitherway, there is a lot to explore for me for myself before thing "get serious". ;)


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