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Newbie alert

Postby adorableness22 » 1 year ago

Hello there

I'm new here! I'm a little ( I really don't have an age. If I had to pick 5 at the youngest)

About me:
Fav color: green
How many studies do you have? : none I know :(
Fav shows/cartoons: love anime and Disney
Music: I like all types I'm really diverse (metal pop punk rap alternative jazz classical ect... paramore is my fav band right now)
Fav snack: cinnamon graham crackers right now (it's always changing)
Do you have a mommy daddy caregiver other: no I'm in a relationship and I'm not looking
I always make the joke i like balance because I'm a libra but it's true! I like creepy things like horror movies but love kawaii things.

Anyways that's all I can think of feel free to message me always looking for friends. :3

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Re: Newbie alert

Postby LeonicBear » 1 year ago

Ellooo I'm Mikey

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Re: Newbie alert

Postby Indi » 1 year ago

nice to meet you!

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