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How to be a better Daddy Dom in my DDLG relationship?

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How to be a better Daddy Dom in my DDLG relationship?

Postby ThatMan » 1 year ago

I'm looking for some tips for being a better Daddy. My little girl is happy for the most part but I feel like I could use tips to improve myself and be even better for her. Right now we are not a 24/7 DDLG scene but maybe it's something I should do? Ideas.

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Magnus supporty
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Re: How to be a better Daddy Dom in my DDLG relationship?

Postby Magnus supporty » 1 year ago

a friend of mine uses like a star chart. kind of a calendar and a reward system that each day she behaves she gets a star and at the end of every week (or month whichever works) take her someplace special or different. like out for ice cream, to the park, or to the store to buy a toy she really wants. based on how many stars for how she behaved is how "good" the prize is. 8-)

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Re: How to be a better Daddy Dom in my DDLG relationship?

Postby Princess » 1 year ago

maybe go to a Munch and interact with other DD/lgs and ask questions. You might even be able to find another Daddy who would be willing to kinda be your mentor and let you bounce ideas off of him and such. Good luck!

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Re: How to be a better Daddy Dom in my DDLG relationship?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

There are lots of things you can do to be a better Daddy Dom. I think the most needed thing is to listen to your partner and what she really wants out of the DDlg aspects of your relationship.

Generally, Daddy Doms are expected to guide, protect, love, and provide a gentleness and understanding to their little counterpart.

Generally, littles are needy creatures. We are emotionally needy. We are attention needy. We are physically needy. We may been overly sensitive to silly things or highly insecure for no obvious reason. These are things to keep in mind at all times.

Consider things like:

Positive reinforcement situations
Punishment situations
Overly cuddly, kissy, lovey times

If your DDlg situation is primarily sensual then consider bringing some nonsexual aspects to it. Watch cartoons or a Disney princess movie with your little. Play a silly game. Surprise her with a board game like Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, or Candyland. Occasionally bring her a treat when you've been out--a bit of her favorite candy (not a lot!) or a little stuffed animal that made you think of her. Think of little things that your little enjoys and make a mental list to surprise her with every now and again (coloring books, crayons, gel pens, stuffed animals, costume jewelry pieces like cheap rings and necklaces for dress-up times, etc).

Don't be afraid to lead the way for her. Don't be afraid to make a few rules for her to follow or be forward with requests. Don't be afraid to let her be little when you're around--embrace it, encourage it, and show her that you love her for being her.

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