Looking for a Daddy

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Looking for a Daddy

Postby Chantilly » 1 year ago

Hi I'm Chantilly, I'm a little/Lolita/tween? Who's still learning how to be little.

I have had two Daddy's, one was more of a sexy Daddy. The other I don't care to talk about ever. Due to life and someone's selfish ways I'm without a Daddy.

I speak English and some Spanish. I am a POC and highly educated, and acoplished.

I enjoy lightly BDM, spankings and some other light slapping, I also enjoy the age play, none consent, consent. As well as forced lactation and laction play. There are other areas I would like to explore with a Daddy. After building trust.

At this time I have spent a lot of time being a big girl and less time being a little.

I also enjoy some Disney movies. But enjoy coloring and snuggling and being Daddy's girl.

I guess that's it for now.

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Re: Looking for a Daddy

Postby dcdaddy » 1 year ago

Hey babygirl, how you doing? Looking for a little in the tween age. Can be a really good Daddy, I know how to spoil my princesses, We should talk and see if not I guess it's time out for you

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