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Little Hello

Postby +littlesharkboy+ » 1 year ago

Hi! I'm Alexander Jack, I'm ftm trans (not on T yet) and I'm 14 years old. I understand that I'm not exactly supposed to be on this website because i'm not "of age" but I'm quite mature (to an extent) and I do believe myself to be a well-adjusted person, ready to explore myself and my "kinks". I'm two in littlespace, I love coloring, playing video games, drawing, and playing at the park. aside from during my school hours, I'm a full time little. In general I speak "little" but right now I'm introducing myself, so I think proper grammar will suffice for now. I'm also from Mississippi, America in case you were wondering.

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Re: Little Hello

Postby admin » 1 year ago

Littlespace Online is intended for a mature audience over the age of consent (18+ or 21+ depending on the user's location). We do not encourage contact regarding this scene or lifestyle with minors.

Since the user stated they are not 18 they have been banned from our site for now. The user may contact the admin through the link below if there has been a misunderstanding. ... ntactadmin

Star wrote:It is illegal to engage in any type of sensual conversation with a minor. Being biologically under the age of 18 would be considered a minor. DDLG = a part of BDSM which = a type of sensual relation/communication.

Doms need to be smart. If you are thinking, "Well, we wouldn't be talking about relations..." then think about a situation where you'd need to explain to a parent of a 14 year old why in the world you were telling her what to do, babying her, and textually pretending to be a "father figure" online to the person. Think of how you'd explain that situation to the authorities. Think of how you'd explain that situation to a court room.
Your IP can be tracked. Your cell number can locate you. Your email address can be linked to who you are and where you are. Be smart; not desperate.

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