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Postby diaperdanny4976 » 1 year ago

I am a 45yo male, abdl baby boy/girl, 2yo. I am a carefree artisan, easy going, and laid back. I try to live the lifestyle 24/7 but, up until now, have only met, only online, mean mistresses posing as mommies. They take your money, promise you a new lifestyle, and then leave you high and dry. I miss D. P. F. There you could meet real people and interact, both online and in person, safely with mommies, diaper pailers, and moderators whom were friendly, courteous, and really loving! since 1996, I have not been able to recapture that trust and safe feeling. I am going to try this, because I found it while looking for Queen's song Highlander. Funny how fate works sometimes! I am here looking for fellow ab/dl playmates. NOT sensually! I also would like to meet other mommies and daddies, because us Littles cherish that security and warmth we feel while exploring our whole new world, while the big people look on. I'm sick and tired of feeling like a freak and an outcast. I have never found that place where I really fit in! Please help me to escape and join me in examining all these big things, shiny things, what no-no's are, etc.

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