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Good jobs for ABDL or DDlg littles?

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Good jobs for ABDL or DDlg littles?

Postby onlycurious » 1 year ago

I need to get another job cause this job is too stressful and i feel like constantly draining and constantly too much responsibilities. I feel like I have to pretend TOO MUCH just to get through the work day. What are some good jobs that might be better for me since I'm a little? SUGGESTIONS?

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Re: Good jobs for ABDL or DDlg littles?

Postby growinguplittle » 1 year ago

I understand how you feel. I hate the constant responsibility of having a "normal" job, and having to subject myself to a schedule that isn't dictated by my Daddy and me. It's too much "adulting" and not enough freedom (to be little, to do what makes me happy - little or not, etc). Working actually makes me feel MORE little, because I'm not enjoying myself so I kind of revert... I've decided to look for work-from-home options. I sew, and I'm starting up my sewing business. I also edit online! Since I'll be home with those, I can indulge in my little self more. Do you have any hobbies that could be a source of income? Or maybe you could work someplace like the Disney Store or Sanrio! I've always felt closer to children, since I'm childlike myself, so if you're like me you might like childcare/nannying/babysitting more than a "normal" job. Or even pet sitting! Just a couple of my thoughts :)


Re: Good jobs for ABDL or DDlg littles?

Postby lullabykitten » 1 year ago

Things I've seen posted about:

- Children's store
- Build-a-Bear
- Lush
- Disney
- Games store
- Lego store
- Japanese/Sanrio style store
- Bookstore
- Cafe
- Chocolate/candy store

- Baker/Chef
- Housemaker
- House cleaner
- Designer (clothing, interior or graphics)
- IT
- Babysitter
- Dog walker/Dog trainer/etc. or any other animal.
- Personal shopper
- Author
- Hairdresser
- Artist

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