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Is babygirl same as little girl in ddlg?

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Is babygirl same as little girl in ddlg?

Postby lette » 1 year ago

Is a babygirl the same as a lg with Daddy Dom stuff? How do I know which one I am if they're different?

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Re: Is babygirl same as little girl in ddlg?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

baby girl may be different than little girl.

a bg is usually 'younger' in the ageplay role so they might choose to wear diapers or use things like bottles

a lg is a little bit 'older' than that but they very well could also use diapers and whatnot. They often ageplay with more verbal abilities than a bg

very similar
for some people they mix the terms

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Re: Is babygirl same as little girl in ddlg?

Postby Princess » 1 year ago

I've read on Fetlife that a Little relates to a specific age range. You are of legal age but you identify with a younger age. You are a consenting adult but relate to earlier ages. This too often occurs as the result of a childhood tramau, usually of a sensual nature. The little may regress when under pressure of some kind, or may be continually at a “safe”age. A little can be a teenager or much younger. You may have an interest in things like coloring, stuffies and perhaps pacifiers and diapers, depending on the age of your “little”.

A Babygirl is someone who relates to girly ways. You may like being treated like a princess, being dressed up, or it could be as simple as a feeling you get when alone with Daddy. It's all in how you feel and it has nothing to do with a specific age. A Babygirl can be 18 to 100, and they may or may not have an interest in things like coloring and stuffies.

A little can be a baby girl, and a baby girl may be a little, if there is age regression present.

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