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Need help finding a gift for my little girl!

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Need help finding a gift for my little girl!

Postby Williamdeflo » 1 year ago

For a long time, my little girl has wanted rocketship underpants. The kind everyone pictures in their mind. But I'm looking.... and I can't find it anywhere. I've only found a mix of underwear with ONE rocketship on it, or Calvin and Hobbes comics or other merch. I want a pair that is covered in lots of rocketships. Can anyone help me out? Money isn't an issue.

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Re: Need help finding a gift for my little girl!

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago


I think it's super duper nice you're trying to fulfill your little's desire to dress in cutesy underwear like she did when she was younger. I've been on the hunt for you in terms of finding rocket ship panties. I've searched for both rocketship panties and space ship underwear to no avail. Much like you, all I'm running into in adult sizes are pieces with just one spaceship. Even searching for rocket ship lingerie brings up nothing and, come on, rockets...

I'm wondering if someone on Etsy who does printings could make a pair for you? Or perhaps a company that makes custom made underwear?

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