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hi hi!

Postby xlilkittenx » 1 year ago

Hello everyone:)
My name is Jen, or kitten:)
I`m new here, I found a link to this site on YouTube (I have a YouTube channel as well)
I`m a little, anywhere from 2-5 depending on my mood, or what`s going on, I live with my Daddy:D It`s a lot of fun, we currently live in Portland Oregon which is fun too- I`m always myself even in public-I`m thankful that people here are pretty open about things, and even though I don`t shove it in their faces *hehe* I can still pretty much be myself.

I`m a pretty happy person, almost always smiling:) I have strangers approach me all the time about it, which I think is super cool. I had rough patches in my life too, sad moments, but I`m happy now.. I`m hoping to find more friends to chat with, maybe even other littles in my area?!! that would be so cool!!
I love stuffed animals, I have A LOT of them-LOL just ask my Daddy:p
I enjoy coloring, playdoh, going to the park, dressing up cute, having stories read to me, I love the zoo!!! :)

I`m planning on some play dates at our house next month, I`m going to invite a couple other littles that live here:) I`m pretty excited about it. I guess that`s all for now:)

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