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Work is so boring I can't stand it

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Work is so boring I can't stand it

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

My work is literally so boring that I can't stand to stay on shift. I'm set to work 8 hour days, 5 days a week, and I can barely make it through it because it's that mindless and boring. It's a work at home job where I'm at the computer for the entire shift. I'm filtering calls so everything is very quick and extremely easy. My problem is that they're just so boring. The calls, the people, and even the goal is just so incredibly dull. Even the chat program to keep in contact with other coworkers is dull and usually quiet, uneventful, and boring. It's weird because I worked an online job for McDonalds taking orders year ago and the chat was lively. We would talk and crack jokes. This job though? No, it's like everyone has their thumbs up their asses.


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Magnus supporty
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Re: Work is so boring I can't stand it

Postby Magnus supporty » 1 year ago

Hey it could be worse. Half the time my job isnt "boring" so much as i get people that have insulted me to my face, even threatened me and once even told me i would amount to nothing in life. Boring for me means time goes SO FREAKING SLOW, but at least i'm not being insulted and such lol.

Sometimes when it gets boring i practice writing with my left hand... Just because it's something really time consuming and i can start/stop at the drop of a hat. :P

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