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Pregnant littles

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Pregnant littles

Postby chubbybunny » 2 years ago

Any other littles currently pregnant? How do you deal with SO much emotion? I'm on a rollercoaster. One minute having my cup full of chocolate milk, the next minute I'm sick, and then I'm in a ball with my tiger stuffy crying for cuddles from Daddy. Daddy works a lot and is gone a lot so it's just me in the apartment all day.

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Re: Pregnant littles

Postby JuneStar » 2 years ago

Pregnancy is a difficult time for your body. Your hormones are rapidly changing and your body is being used by another, growing person. You're rapidly being depleted of nutrients so it's important to keep up with your own health, take your prenatals, and try to get as much rest as possible.

I know that emotionally it's very hard--especially if you're alone or feel that way. I'd suggest you interact more with friends or try to make some friends, either locally or online. Community is great for personal comfort.

Try to make a littles routine if that's what you need. Sign online and play some games, chat with other littles, and then sit down to color in your favorite coloring book. Set aside time to distract your little self from feeling so overwhelmed with the physical changes you're going through.

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