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Ddlg swimming with pool floaties

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Ddlg swimming with pool floaties

Postby chubbybunny » 1 year ago

I'm 24/7 little and want to go swimming this summer with Daddy. It's my first summer with my Daddy and we both REALLY like the water and swimming. I was thinking it would be super cute to wear pool floaties. Do they make them for adults and do you think it would be risky to wear the floats in the pool with other people like public around? I don't know how else to make swimming a fun little activity and I want it to be so badly!

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Re: Ddlg swimming with pool floaties

Postby baby_ben » 1 year ago

I go swimming at my local swimming pool wearing my pool floaties and a swim nappy nobody has ever said anything just be yourself and ignore people and just have fun I even wear my swimming ring and have lots of fun in the pool

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Re: Ddlg swimming with pool floaties

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

That actually comforts me, Ben. Like ChubbyBunny here, I thought it also might be nice to go swimming with floaties but felt a tad...uhm...embarrassed, I guess? Like, afraid that people would mock me or make fun of me. That was some good advice. Listen to him, ChubbyBunny!
...just be yourself and ignore people...

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