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This little guy wants to say hi~

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This little guy wants to say hi~

Postby Sp3nc3rSpac3 » 1 year ago

I'm Spencer. I’m a shy, dorky trans guy, who spends way too much time on the internet and not enough time sleeping. I have a variety of activities I enjoy, but procrastination, laziness, and a lack of motivation keeps me from doing them as often as I’d like. Online, there’s no real limit to what I get into. I bounce around from watching Let’s Plays (big Markiplier fanboy) to anime to the endless world of wikipedia (or tvtropes… don’t even get me started on tvtropes. I can spend hours there without realizing it) to tumblr and facebook (and, very rarely, twitter) to reading fanfiction to clickbait sites (I have a love/hate relationship with them) to… Well, really anything that catches my interest. Offline, I’m usually either drawing (typically fanart or practicing for the webcomic I’m working on) or reading (preferably fantasy/scifi). I also dabble in nail art and snazzy makeup stuff, but I’m not super involved with those (despite my massive collections of each).
I'm new to ageplay and the world of Cg/l, but I know this is a place I'll fit right in. I'd love to make some new friends here, and who knows, maybe more? :D

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