Hi hi everyone~...

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Hi hi everyone~...

Postby KatKatastrophe » 1 year ago

Hi everyone, i don't really want to put much here if that's okay, i just spent a tona time working on my profile...just to realize after the 1000/1000/500 word limits, since it doesn't stop you from getting carried away and typing past that like a lot of places do, Dx.

Had to re-do the way i put the info in and still try and find a way to say as much as i could, and what not, so please go read my profile instead =), anything not listed there i either A) couldn't fit, B) couldn't describe the way i first intended to, C) would rather talk about in more detail myself D) don't want to talk about to just anyone. or E), if A-D don't apply, i just cant think of another reason off hand xD

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