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Calorie Counting

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Calorie Counting

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

I haven't been actively looking to lose weight but lately I was curious about how many calories I am typically consuming. I always thought that I ate pretty decently (not well but not horribly) and so I thought that I could keep an eye on calorie intake and have a better idea of how decently I actually am eating.

I've found that calories are kind of crazy. As an adult female I should be eating somewhere close to 2,000 calories every day. This is what things look like on a typical day for me:
  • Breakfast: 1 breakfast sandwich or 1 toaster pastry - 180-240 calories
  • Lunch: 1 prefabbed bowl of salad or 1 microwavable bowl of a Lean Cuisine meal - 180 - 290 calories
  • Sometimes Snack: - Varies - 180-200 calories
  • Dinner: Varies dramatically, but typically a piece of chicken and some rice - 300 - 400 calories
  • Evening Snack: 1 brownie - 160 calories
So, my calorie from foods each day is about 1300 or lower.

What I think kills me most is my drinks though. I don't drink water, but, instead, I'll have up to one glass of milk a day and then multiple glasses of sweetened tea (green tea or black tea sweetened with honey or sugar). That's, like, 100 calories per 8 ozs (which is about a glass but could be 3/4 of a glass).

So, while I'm not gaining weight I can see why I have some extra weight. This isn't how I've always eaten, of course, but I've been keeping a closer eye on it.

I'm thinking of cutting back with my tea and mixing with water. Like, instead of pouring a full glass of tea, pour 1/4 of water and 3/4 with tea. Then slowly go up to 1/2 tea and 1/2 water. Then 1/4 tea and 3/4 water. I'm not sure if it'll work but I'm thinking it might help a little with lower sugar and calorie intake, which is just generally healthy.

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Re: Calorie Counting

Postby LittleAmy » 1 year ago

You have really good eating habits! Now I'm not a nutritionist but I have some ideas on how you can better measure how you're doing. I'd firstly find out your BMR or basal metabolic rate which you can do here: and then you use the harris equation to see what you're at after you activity level. For instance my BMR is 1515 calories and I multiply it by 1.2 because I'm mostly inactive meaning that my total is a little over 1800 and that's what I need to eat in a day in order for my body to function properly.

You eat well and could even add a bit more if you wanted without gaining. The extra weight you may have might be water weight since you said you don't drink a lot of water often or it could be a result of the days where you eat even less because eating 1000 and under sends your body into starvation mode and it clings to everything you are putting in.

I would recommend lots and lots of water and MORE tea! Tea has either no calories or next to none. Green teas and oohlong teas are supposedly good for weight loss but there is really no need for you to water down your tea. Tea is super healhy and awesome! You can still add honey or a little bit of sugar! Just avoid using white processed sugar as that snailpoop's supa terribad.

Please don't take anything I've said the wrong way I'm not trying to say anything negative about you or your habits! When I see calorie counting and a low intake I just get worried. As long as you are healthy and happy it's all good! <3

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Re: Calorie Counting

Postby Emily » 1 year ago

Yeah I think my exercise routine hasn't been doing much in terms of losing weight. When I started exercising, all I really wanted to do was lose weight. Six months later, I'm doing the same exercises, increased set, but I weigh the same. :roll: All that's happened thus far was I swapped out fat for muscle, and if I'm trying to be a little girl, it seems counterproductive!

I'd love to try dieting, personally. But the problem is you just can't predict what you'll have to eat during the day, and since I'm out of the house most of the time, in situations in which you can't just count calories, in highly stressful situations a lot of the time that require to be full on food, it makes things quite hard to deal with.

So instead of all that, I instead have a tendency of eating very well on some occasions and just splurging on food for others. Something like a responsible part of me at war with the impulsive part of me that can't plan, when it comes to food.

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Re: Calorie Counting

Postby sleepydaddy » 1 year ago

My fitness pal is good for keeping track of calories, I'm sure there are other apps out there too. You have a good diet by the look of it though! As people have said above, everybody is different and some people will require less calories than others so working out what you require is key. For example I have to eat a bit over 3000 calories to maintain my weight but the 'average' is 2500 for men. Exercise level also plays a big part!

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