Hi :)

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Hi :)

Postby MaezeeJay » 1 year ago

Hi I am a little, more specifically a middle which means I don't regress to like, 5 or younger I am about 14 in my littlespace I'm an agressive little it takes a strong man to dominate me, luckily I have one :)
I've been a little for like 4 years but Daddy has only been a Daddy for a few months since I finally got up the courage to show him my lifestyle luckily he loved it and has embraced it more than I could ever ask for!
I love meeting new people and hearing about what they like and who they are. I'm a psychology major so I psychoanalyze all the time and I like to provide very analytical comments (not mean ones)
I can't wait to learn so much more!

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Re: Hi :)

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Hi there! Happy to see you around on Littlespace Online.

I'm glad you found someone in your life who accepted you for exactly who you are. I know a lot of us struggle with telling partners about what we're interested in and how we enjoy being our true selves. Your Daddy sounds like a wonderful man for that acceptance.

I also majored in psychology! Maybe we can psychoanalyze each other. o.o

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