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Personal Introduction

Postby princessStinky » 1 year ago

Well, hello im new here and try to introduce myself
Well my biological age is 18 but i play a 1-2 year old babygirl my real gender is male to female transgender and i am from Austria/Europe.
My primary language is german but i hate it, so im fine with english, even if its not perfect.
Games i like to play, are monsterhunter, starcraft and chuts and ladders.
Favourites....well i dont have a favourite colour, specially pastels, my tops are pastel pink, yellow, orange, and red i also like black and white even if it arent colours, i like helping others, watching my little pony, i dont have a favourite animal, i like all and want to protect them, but if i have to decide, i guess my fav animals are wasps.
Activities i enjoy during little playtime, well i like wearing little stuff and o on, but theres nothing better than getting cuddled.
And i guess thats it, if there are any remaining questions feel free to ask!

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