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Role: Little girl


Postby Littlelexieeee » 1 year ago

Hi so im lexie. I looove stuffies, watching disney, sippy cups, and cuddling. Ive been into dd/lg for 8 months now and i really enjoy. Being a little is something thats just naturual for me and i love the level of care that is give by a daddy/mommy. Also im from chicago, i love music and plan to study music and theatre arts :). Im also a huge one direction fan but also like many different genres of music. But yep thats me in a nut shell hehe. Byeee

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Role: Babyboy

Re: Hiyah!!

Postby Diaperguy619 » 1 year ago

Hello I recently got into the ab side of this lifestyle, I love wearing diapers and have wanted to my whole life but now I want to be a little. I love my paci it helps me get into little space instantly, I like playing with toys and sleeping with my stuffies.
I also like playing video games and listening to music or cuddling with mommy and my bottle watching TV.


Re: Hiyah!!

Postby DaddysPrinzessin » 1 year ago

Hi dere! I only recently got into the DD/lg lifestyle but I loooove it! My favorite things are my stuffies, watching Disney movies(with music especially), and cuddling wiff Daddy.

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