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asexual boy?

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asexual boy?

Postby CuddleBugMonster » 1 year ago

I am asexual, and my partner and I have developed a good relationship without relations. However, I haven't seen much of that online. Is anyone else in a B/l lifestyle without relations?

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Re: asexual boy?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

I think asexual relationships, in general, are much less common than relationships involving relations.

I'm positive you're not the only one though that isn't sensual with their Caregiver, ever. Many ABDL folks seem to be generally nonsexual when they are little and some are never sensual. From my recollection, it use to seem extremely common for folks in the scene (previously primarily identified as ABDL) to be nonsexual with their Caregiver. Times sure do change!

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Bandit supporty
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Re: asexual boy?

Postby Bandit supporty » 1 year ago

Hi ya Cuddlebug!

I also identify myself as asexual. I am relatively new to the age play scene, but I have never found the experience sensual for me. I hear how some people get turned on by diapers or other aspects of age play, but for me being in my "Little zone" just feels right if that makes sense. It makes me feel like I can express who I truly am.

That being said, finding a Daddy or Mommy who will care for me without all the sensual baggage has been tough. It seems like the vast majority of people on this site have at least somewhat of a sensual aspect to their relationship.

We should be friends ^___^

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Re: asexual boy?

Postby baby_ace » 1 year ago

I'm asexual, my age play has always been nonsexual but in the last five years I've learned I'm asexual and so I've been looking for a care giver who is alright with a platonic/nonsexual relationship. You're not alone at all.

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