Hello I'm so glad i found this site

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Hello I'm so glad i found this site

Postby sunflowerwharf » 1 year ago

Hiya! I go by Jessy. I'm realm looking for other little and middles to talk to. I starting searching in hope that my Daddy and I are not alone in the way our relationship naturally is. It's really hard for me to make friends where I live I cannot help, but be very shy. I love my little pony and hello kitty, watching Disney movies ( beauty and the beast and brave are my favorites.) then I also love playing Xbox (borderlands 2 is our favorite), playing basketball, and running with my Daddy. I don't think he even knows he's such a Daddy Dom besides just enjoying me calling him Daddy all the time. We may not have much but he try's so hard to take care of me and I try to make him happy. He may be my best friend, it's still would be nice to talk to someone thats like me. ⌒.⌒

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Re: Hello I'm so glad i found this site

Postby LuckyLucy86 » 1 year ago

:D hello! I'm glad I found this place too cuz I get lonely never being around ppl that get me. I hope you like it here too.

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