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The 15 Stone Babies Documentary (Film about Ddlg / ABDL / etc)

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The 15 Stone Babies Documentary (Film about Ddlg / ABDL / etc)

Postby JuneStar » 2 years ago

I found this UK documentary some time ago on another website. It was filmed in hopes of bringing positive light to the ABDL community primarily. I still find it interesting though. It has some good aspects and negative aspects of the community--kind of humanizing everyone, of course, and showing that we're just different--not scary or into horribly terrible illegal things.

I think the film got mixed reviews from the community. Some people really enjoyed it and felt it was shot in a positive light. Some people felt it only brought more negativity toward us. I think it probably did a little of both.

I'm going to go on and share the links to it that I found online. The links are on YouTube and are free to watch. It's cut into 4 different sections. I, personally, feel it's worth the time to watch. Even if you're not an ABDL it's still kind of educational.
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Re: The 15 Stone Babies Documentary (Film about Ddlg / ABDL / etc)

Postby Princess » 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing!

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