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I wish more Caregiver Doms knew...

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I wish more Caregiver Doms knew...

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

...that littles always seem to be more emotionally and mentally fragile than other, more generalized submissive partners.

We are still lovable and desirable though. We just need some tenderness.

I think the primary appear to this dynamic is the level of care and tenderness that each role has to each other. A Caregiver is going to hold and console, pet and kiss tenderly, and provide helpful personal improvement guidelines.

I'm not saying that other Dominants cannot or are not caring, kind, or tender. I just feel like this scene is more so overall.

And I think that so many fake Caregivers (those Fake Daddies, primarily) just want to get off. They see us as naive and usable instead of sweet and in need of nurturing. "Oh, here's those littles that are desperate to be loved. They're so easy to use when I want to get off! Ah, they're really adults so they can get over it if they've gotten used a time or two."

I browse a lot of Caregiver/little things online. I'm a member of multiple DDlg communities. I see a lot of littles talking.

On the other hand, I'm also a member of general BDSM communities. I see a lot of submissives talking.

Generalized submissives seemed a little more thickskinned. Many can take punishments out of illogical reasoning for the sake of letting their partner get off. Sure, there can be hurt feelings but they don't often crumble due to one argument or strained disagreement with their Dominant.

Generally, littles seem more thinskinned. If they are punished for illogical reasoning then they are confused and unhappy. We are quick to tears or seem to have more anxiety, depression, and self-harm (including eating disorders) than other sectors of the BDSM community. A lot of littles, including myself, fall to pieces at the idea of disappointing their Caregiver.

Maybe my observations are biased, but I just feel like we are more sensitive. I wish more Caregivers saw that right away and just...knew.

I saw someone post in another community that after she met her Daddy face to face and had a wonderful week vacation with him, he went home, ignored her for a day or two, and then told her that he didn't feel a spark and that he was breaking up with her. She said something to the effect of, "He always said, a little is a grown X year old woman, not actually a helpless child." And I just find his remark hurtful and offensive. Yes, I'm a grown, adult woman but that doesn't mean that I don't have emotional needs similar to that of a child, and my biological age shouldn't justify hurting my feelings.

I just...I wish more Caregivers realized that we're special. We are unique. We are sensitive. We are relating to innocence and pubescence because we relate to those actual feelings. So many of us don't just like the frilly dresses--we like to be babied, coddled, soothed, taken care of, emotionally depend on, etc. by a Caregiver because it provides something to use mentally and emotionally that we don't have.

What do you wish more Caregivers realized?

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Re: I wish more Caregiver Doms knew...

Postby Little_Panda_Dolly » 1 year ago

I completely agree with you. I also feel that more caregivers need to realize that all little's are different and we don't all have the same exact needs. Like some little's are more dependent on their caregiver while others are more independent or even some where in between the two. Just because a little does not fit exactly what you are looking for does not mean that they are not really/actually a little, they have needs that are different from what you want. Not agreeing on that or wanting something opposite of the caregiver needs/wants doesn't mean that they are "a fake little" or not looking for a "real ddlg" relationship. They are unique and different, just like them.

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Re: I wish more Caregiver Doms knew...

Postby BabyPink » 1 year ago

I agree... I am lucky enough to be with someone who creates the perfect dynamic w/ me and understands that I need extra care and babying... in the end I think that you need to have a certain connection with another human being to have a DD/lg type of relationship, they need to understand you not only for your sensual desires but for the little that is you, that person, your soul.... its hard to come by!
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Re: I wish more Caregiver Doms knew...

Postby littlechelsea » 1 year ago

I agree with you as well. Not long after I got into the scene I met a "daddy" we talked for around 2 months online and kik. More than once he told me I was to clingy, to emotional (even when I was having a horrible day and in a full on crying mode) and he finally just said he had enough. Thankfully I am more thick skinned so even though it hurt horribly I got over it. I think that is why I'm so weary of any so called "daddy". The ones on fetlife are just horrible. So many just message you out of the blue with "Hello there little one" and want to get on kik right away and want pictures. This is why its so hard to trust the good and real ones.

So yes I wish they all knew that we aren't like other subs. We are children in adult bodies, and need love and attention.
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Re: I wish more Caregiver Doms knew...

Postby AngelGirl » 1 year ago

I am so glad to have found other girls like me to identify with. My daddy lives in another state and insisted I need regular affection, attention, and discipline. So he wants me to pursue this and I have kept my promise to try. But wow ... The more potentials I talk to, the more it becomes apparent that Daddy's shoes are going to be really hard to fill. I'm afraid I need to lower the expectation bar. My Daddy is so centered on my needs and he never makes me feel bad even when I disappoint him.

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