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The Medical Community Is Terribly Greedy (Price of Medications)

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The Medical Community Is Terribly Greedy (Price of Medications)

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

My Daddy was born with a medical condition that will shorten his life by a substantial amount. Daddy has a life expectancy of about 30-35 right now since he's doing well with therapy.

Due to this, Daddy is on a lot of very, very important medication and therapies. If he were to go without these things, his lifespan shortens even more quite dramatically.

I've seen the cost of these things and it's horrific. Daddy's medication for 1 month is in the thousands of dollars. Thousands. Not hundreds. Thousands.

Daddy's one therapy thing is a unit he uses twice a day. It, alone, costs about $14,000. That doesn't include the parts associated with it that need to be replaced regularly.

Why? I mean, it's pretty terrible to see how much money health companies want just to keep someone alive.

If he didn't have insurance and couldn't have gotten his medications, ever, then he wouldn't have survived so long. It's just sad that they are putting a price on life.

We'll be moving soon and Daddy will be losing his insurance (and hoping to pick up another shortly after) and I'm a tad worried. It's like these medication companies don't realize that our lives are worth more than money.

I just wanted to rant about it. That's all!

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Magnus supporty
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Re: The Medical Community Is Terribly Greedy (Price of Medications)

Postby Magnus supporty » 1 year ago

That sucks, I'm sorry to hear. I didn't know it was that expensive :(


Re: The Medical Community Is Terribly Greedy (Price of Medications)

Postby Xdaddysxlilxgirlx » 1 year ago

He may be able to keep his insurance if he is losing it due to job change he can call and they should have options for inviduals not associated with a company. Also there are some hospitals that will offer services and medications for free if you are qualified.

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