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New Little, New to the Site!

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New Little, New to the Site!

Postby Boi » 1 year ago


I'm Sam, though I usually go by Boi, and I'm new to Littlespace Online. I haven't been a little for very long, and briefly explored this side of myself a couple years back. I'm a non-binary individual who uses male pronouns, and because of this, I found it difficult to pursue a caregiver, so I deopped the dynamic relatively quickly to focus on my submissive side until just recently, where I've better accepted myself and will try to fit again with others in the dynamic.

I'm looking forward to making friends here, even though I can and probably will be very shy. I'm a dork over anime and manga, and thoroughly enjoy cartoon watching and napping. My favorite way to pass the time is usually drawing, which I want to use to pursue a career one day (video game development). I hope your day is going well for you, and thank you for taking the time to read this little snippet about me. I'd be more than happy to chat with other anime fans and discuss shows and other interests!

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