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Rules to Becoming a Little’s Caregiver

Standard Agreements As A Caregiver

You will not refer to yourself as "Daddy," "Mommy," or any personalized, "Caregiver" term or treat a little as if you are in an intimate relationship with them unless mutually agreed upon.

You will prioritize learning about your little as thoroughly as you can as to deepen the care exchange potential as well as relationship compatibility.

You will have your little's best interest at heart when creating personalized (unique to them) rules for them, their life, and your relationship together.

You will not break or disallow contact out of anger, disappointment, frustration, or as punishment to your little.

You will respect safewords as law to stop or pause a scene, situation, or activity to take time to care about your little's well-being, comfort-level, and personal needs.

You will do your best reassure, comfort, guide, and lead your little through tasks they may be uncomfortable or unsure of taking on, need help with doing, or have not learned yet to complete.

You will, at times, care for your little as if they are a child--providing additional love, care, compassion, support, tenderness, and patience.

If you have concluded that the relationship is not mutually beneficial any longer (i.e. you would like to break up or end the relationship) you will communicate this as clearly as possible without disappearing, vanishing, or abruptly ending communication without explanation.

You will reinforce the rules, boundaries, and guidelines you have set your little because they were set for good purpose. You will never punish needlessly, and will always provide punishment through mutually agreed-upon methods.

You will not abuse the power you have been given by your little. You will not spank, hit, slap, or abuse them out of anger, rage, or frustration. You will not purposely neglect their needs out of convenience. You will not abandon them when disagreements occur.

You will not purposely lie, fib, or generally be dishonest with your little. This means you will not see other people unless mutually agreed upon, act as a Caregiver to another little unless mutually agreed upon, or keep truth or fact from your little to avoid hurting their feelings or out of personal convenience.

You will respect your little as an equal verses a lower level person despite their childish behaviors, youthful appearance, or innocent nature.

You will not threaten your little with physical, mental, or emotional harm/distress out of convenience. You will not provoke them to being fearful to obtain power or authority over them or their lives.

You will discuss important things with your little prior to making finalized decisions so that you can mutually agree upon the decision.

You will keep your little safe from harm or danger. This includes emotional harm, physical danger, and moments they may fear. You will be their protector, guide, and comfort at all costs because they are important to you.

You will not ask your little give up their lines of communication to friends or family, mental or physical medication, or special interests and hobbies out of personal convenience or lack of understanding.

You will honor your word and promises, no matter how small, to your little to maintain respect and trustworthiness.

You will be patient and indulge your little in their childish naivety the best you are capable by answering silly questions, playing youthful games, and encouraging them to express their true feelings and curiosities without fear of abandonment or ridicule.

You will do your best to recognize when an issue or condition is out of your expertise. You will encourage your little to seek the appropriate help, doctor, or care to ensure they are in the best mental or physical health that they are capable of being. You will not act as if you are a licensed medical doctor when you are not, discourage your little from seeking treatment for various disorders or illnesses, or neglect clear emotional, physical, or mental wounds your little is experiencing out of pride, convenience, or fear.

You will learn about your little prior to entering a potentially dangerous, damaging, hurtful, or frightening scene with them. You will have an understanding of their emotional and physical needs and limitations as well as personal desires.

You will not overstep clearly outlined boundaries or limits. If your little has expressed a hard limit you will respect that as law and will not push that boundary or treat it as a personal challenge despite your own desires. This includes not forcing them to participate in scenes, acts, or situations where they clearly are uncomfortable.

You will not make demands that your partner expose their regression to any other individual, friend network, public group, or family member. You will respect and cherish the private, intimate nature of their expressions.

You will not shame them for their physically intimate or nonsexual interests just because they don't align with your personal desires or likes.

You will not expect them to sexually engage with you without clear prior consent. You will not expect sexually heated situations involve regression expression unless advised by the little. You will not demand regression occur at any particular time.

You will do your best to communicate, as clearly as you are capable, your needs to your little.

You will come to agreements with your little. You will appreciate your little’s thoughts, opinions, and capabilities.

You will provide positive rewards, motivators, and praise. You will consciously work to uplift your little to help them to grow into their full potential as an individual, regardless of regression.

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