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Site Beliefs

Our Site Beliefs:

★ CGL partnerships, Age Regression, Littles, Middles, Caregivers, Adult Babies, and other identities that fall into our community are not inherently physically intimate or related to BeDeeSeM.
☆ CGL community members may individually also perform acts of or experience BeDeeSeM in it's various forms.
☆ A member of the CGL community can also be a member of the BeDeeSeM community. A member of the CGL community is not always a member of the BeDeeSeM community.

★ There is a physically intimate kink and/or physically intimate adult interest for roleplaying as a parent (commonly "Daddy" for "Daddy kink") or as a child or teenager. This is not the same as being a little, being a true caregiver, or engaging in a CGL relationship.
☆ People participating in those acts are doing so for physically intimate intention and gratification. Those adult interests and kinks may be BeDeeSeM-related.
☆ The CGL community is not inherently based on physically intimate experiences, desires, or fantasies.

★ Littles experience some form of mental age regression. The experience varies from mild to major and can fluctuate based on a multitude of factors personal to the regressor.
☆ A little can possibly experience a constant regressive state of mind as if their core personality has not aged as expected or in comparison to their biological peers AND this constant regressive trait is not directly related to any type of intellectual disability.
☆ A little can possibly experience regression in bursts, for short or long periods of time, or infrequently.

★ Littles are regressors because of their personality that experiences regression at all times or in episodes. The personality may be a born trait or could have developed.
☆ A person cannot force or "teach" themselves or others to become a little.

★ Littles do not need an "excuse" as to why they are atypical adults.
☆ A part of being abnormal or atypical is that it is hard for other people to understand. It is human nature to attempt to find a reason for a major difference that is difficult to understand initially. That being said...
☆ ☆ We believe many littles create or dwell on a bad or poor history, childhood, or memories in effort to "excuse" their existence by societal standards and understandings. We do not believe any excuse is necessary, as we believe the little personality trait may simply be an anomaly (making it difficult for the social majority to immediately understand as valid without excuse).

★ Not all littles were abused or neglected as biological children.
☆ It may be common but it is not a standard situation that always applies to all persons.

★ Not all littles were or are unhappy about their biological childhood.

★ Not all littles experience regressive episodes as a way to cope with current or previous stress, trauma, or abuse.

★ Not all people who experienced abuse, neglect, or a "bad childhood" develop the little personality trait or experience regression.

Littles are not intellectually disabled just because they experience regression.

★ Littles are not always or necessarily submissive persons. Just like a biological child, the little personality trait does not mean a person must be shy, meek, or generally submissive at any particular time.

★ Caregivers are not always or necessarily dominant persons. Caregivers help to provide care for their partner based on their partner's needs, and this means being a caring or overly-caring person by personality.

★ Caregivers are parentlike (just like littles are childlike).
☆ Caregivers naturally take on a parentlike role, authority and structure, in relationships.

★ A relationship between a caregiver and a little is romantic, regardless of physically intimate involvement.
☆ Due to the nature of the deep connection necessary as well as a little's childlike states of regression, we do not encourage flings or casual encounters.

★ A relationship between a caregiver and a little is commonly referred to in short as CGL.*

★ A CGL relationship inherently mimics the biological parent/child dynamic in that the Caregiver creates structure, routine, and safety standards on behalf of their age regressing partner. They are generally expected to offer safe guidance, advice, solutions, and extend gentle care very similar to that of a biological parent does for their growing, learning child. This may be viewed as a power-exchange; however, only in the idea that the Caregiver is an authority figure who does not mimic the abuse of power (unless paired with BeDeeSeM preferences that are relationship-specific and consensual between/among the partners). **

★ Power exchanges that exist within our community are also referred to as CGL (Caregiver/little) relationships in quick contexts but...

☆ CGL does not have to mean there is domination and submission occurring at all times or on all levels
☆ CGL does not mean one person in the partnership must maintain being dominant or submissive at all times or on all levels
☆ CGL does not require a person to be physically intimate or experience physically intimate activities while regressed or with a regressed partner.
☆ CGL is not necessarily BeDeeSeM unless it involves physically intimate motivation, gratification, or intention. An example of BeDeeSeM CGL would be a little who regresses during foreplay to further entice and arouse their partner.

☆ CGL may only refer to the fact that a caregiver personality has paired up romantically to a little personality*
☆ CGL does not always mean there is a typical power exchange existing in the relationship**

★ A caregiver is expected to provide care for and to their partner more than that of a traditional, typical adult/adult relationship.**

★ Littles should strive to make the care exchange to/from their caregiver partner equal and balanced as to satisfy both parties.
☆ Littles are capable of showing appreciation, love, and their own expression of care as a partner to their caregiver.

★ Power exchanges involving BeDeeSeM means that the power exchange is sexually motivated, gratifying, or intended.

★ BeDeeSeM is an umbrella term that correlates to physically intimate activity. If no physically intimate activity exists or is perceived to be unrelated to other components of a relationship between or more people then it is not truly BeDeeSeM.

★ We accept that a CGL relationship may involve a power exchange dynamic due to natural structure and hierarchy desires among humans.

★ We accept that a CGL relationship may involve BeDeeSeM components, such as powerplay (physically intimate play based upon a power exchange such as Dominance/submission).
☆ CGL community members may individually also perform acts of or experience BeDeeSeM in it's various forms.
☆ A member of the CGL community can also be a member of the BeDeeSeM community. A member of the CGL community is not always a member of the BeDeeSeM community.

★ Just like any other adult-bodied individual, a little may have physically intimate needs and interests. Littles (and their caregivers) are not necessarily physically intimate or nonsexual.
☆ A person who experiences regression but also engages in physically intimate gratification is not necessarily performing an act of BeDeeSeM unless their regression was directly a component of the physically intimate intention (such as the reason for arousal).

★ A little can engage in physically intimate activity while experiencing regression and...

☆ This does not relate to the sexualization of biological children in any form
☆ Does not mean their partner is interested in sexualizing biological children
☆ Is not related to pedo-philia, hebe-philia, ephebo-philiaor, or any attraction to biologically underage persons

★ Experiencing or "going to" Littlespace means actively regressing or experiencing regression

★ Being a little, being a caregiver, regression, or feeling regressed is not inherently kink or adult interest.

★ We do not condone, support, encourage, or accept Minor Attracted Persons, pedo-philia, hebe-philia, or ephebo-philia.

★ Underage littles do exist and are valid.
☆ A person of any biological age can regress and identify that their regression experiences are atypical for that of their age and peers.
☆ We do not support any underage person engaging in any type of physically intimate conversation, research, experience.
☆ Littlespace Online does not permit persons under the biological age of 18 to register an account here.

★ A challenged, disabled, or special needs person can possibly be a little if the regression they experience is unrelated to their diagnosis.

★ Littles can recognize their own regression traits and, over time, determine they are a little based finding key comparisons that makes them atypical from their biological peers.
☆ Littles are not always immediately or naturally aware that they are little.

★ A partner or caregiver is not necessary for a little to experience fulfilling regression.
☆ Littles can still experience fulfilling regression while they are alone.

★ Littles, just as any other person, may be capable of maintaining a working job or career but may also require additional support or relief.
☆ A little may experience regression episodes or feelings more frequently in effort to manage this additional stress.

★ Littles, just as any other person, may become biological parents but may also require additional support or relief.

★ Polyamorous relationships are valid and acceptable as long as all partners are informed and consenting to the extended relationship. We accept, love, and support our non-mongamous members!
☆ We do not believe a polyamorous relationship or one that even extends to become a "family" is necessary for all community members, and believe this is a decision that is personal and based on the persons directly involved in the relationship.

★ Monogamous relationships are valid and acceptable as long as both partners agree and consent to being monogamous with one another. We accept, love, and support our monogamous members!
☆ We do not believe that a monogamous relationship is any better or worse than a non-monogamous relationship, and believe this is a decision that is personal and based on the persons directly involved in the relationship.

★ A little does not need to engage in online roleplay for regression fulfillment.

★ A little can be a little regardless of their physical or biological body appearance, age, virginity, or experiences.

★ Not all littles experience body dysmorphia.

★ Not all littles experience gender dysphoria.

★ Paraphernalia intended for biological children or resembling items marketed to biological children may enhance a little's regression experiences but are not required.
☆ Using, playing with, or being in the vicinity of items such as toys, dining utensils, personal care products, and other material possessions do not make a person become a little.

★ A person who experiences regression or engages in a CGL relationship can also be religious, believe in a higher being, attend religious services, and be a valid member of their religious community as well.
☆ It is not a "sin" to be a little.

Notes: The above statements are facts. These standards and beliefs are not up for public debate on our Littlespace Online forum or chat system. These are beliefs we value and stand firm in understanding. Littlespace Online was created to become the information headquarters of the CGL community, help to solidify community standards, educate both community members and non-members about our personalities, and help to bring our community together.

If your current belief systems clash too much to accept our beliefs as valid and firm truths and the Littlespace Online site as good resource for community education then we understand and suggest you consider permanent account deletion at this time. We never intended to become the biggest site or the most popular site, and understand that having a good site means sometimes disagreeing with people who do not truly want to understand our community existence.

You may send comments, supposed educational material, documented scientific or psychological research or studies, and arguments to the admin directly.

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