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Information on Incest Kink and Age Regression

Roleplaying As A Character For In-cest K-ink / "Ageplay In-cest"

Contrary to what it may appear at first glance, Littlespace Online is not a roleplay-based site and does not welcome fictional (imaginary, invented, made up, make-believe, unreal) characters or profiles. We believe that if you are identifying yourself as a part of the CGL (CGLre, DDlg, MDlb, DDlb, MDlg, AB, age regression, etc.) community then you understand what we mean, and that if you are strictly an online roleplayer who is making up characters to play as or pretend to be in chats then perhaps this is where we make this difference clear to you.

Littlespace Online is also not a sex-based site or for a sex-based online community. While physically intimate situations and scenarios may be a part of our interactions, both online and offline, it does not mean that our identities center around physically intimate gratification. Just with any group of people, there are adult interests, fantasies, kinks, experiences, and physically intimate interests but these are still person-specific and not necessarily community-wide.

Members on the Littlespace Online site are real people with real personalities, real feelings, and real value. They are not for entertainment purposes. If you find that you only want to partake in the site as a fictional character then Littlespace Online is not the appropriate site for you. If you find that you are entirely a physically intimate-based "character" through communication on the site then we ask you to leave now because you have misunderstood what our community is about. We recommend you go to another site for adult interest, kink, and character-based roleplay for your gratification.

The public chat room here is not intended for roleplaying. It exists to help people get to know one another and build real connections with the intention of extending past computer screens. Chat room conversations are real conversations really happening among real people who are, again, really real. People are not pretending to not be themselves in the chat room or throughout the site in areas like their profile.

Age regression can happen in a variety of ways. Sometimes people are permanently regressed to some degree, never quite feeling right as an adult-bodied person, and sometimes they are in and out of these feelings and thoughts. Please understand that people are not generally making up characters though. They are expressing how they really feel inside, how they really view themselves, and/or how they really want to be viewed by others.

Understand that a person who regresses still has an adult body even though they may have childlike needs.

Understand that these types of people partake in roleplaying at times as a means of self-expression and personal fulfillment to meet their needs as a non-adult.

Understand that this is a part of who they are though, and that they have not made up a child-aged character to roleplay as for online entertainment purposes.

Understand that just because their body does not reflect their mind, mental state, feelings, thoughts, heart, or soul does not mean that they are not real.

So, this is how these real people really feel inside.

It is not currently viewed as socially appropriate for most of these people to express themselves externally through everyday life and this is why you do not see them in public settings, like grocery stores, on a daily basis. It does not mean that they aren't who they say they are though.

The roleplay you see here and other safe spaces is these types of people expressing how they feel inside because their bodies do not match their mind, heart, or soul. They cannot just change bodies or physically regress to an age they associate themselves as feeling and being.

Many people try to disassociate from their "little personality" because they are ashamed, embarrassed, or confused. Self-awareness, self-understanding, and self-acceptance are all things that we face throughout our lifetimes. Again though, this is not the person roleplaying a made-up character for personal gratification. They are still a real person even in times where they have given their regressive tendencies a different name or gender-identity.

Please do not mock our community because it is sexually appealing for you. This is not a massive online relative relations roleplay happening, and the profiles here are not made up characters to partake in such an activity. Please go to another site if you want to engage in that behavior. There are plenty of people there willing to entertain you by roleplaying those fantasies with you.

CGL is not a video game where you select a character to play as when you're bored or looking for a quick adventure. It's a real relationship dynamic where people are truly connecting with one another so that they can express their inner, most true, selves despite their biological age, physical appearance, general social norms, or external/adult obligations. Their sought counterparts (Caregivers, Daddies, Mommies, etc.) are not objectifying these regressors, and are genuinely participating with strong desires to nurture beyond a typical adult partnership.

If there has been a misunderstanding in your use of language when describing yourself then please take in some of the information I've stated above because this is how your behavior is being viewed by other members, and that behavior is coming off as mockery and devaluation of the real community.

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