Chat System Error Reporting

We are investigating a possible issue with the chat room, where a user who has been reported by another user may be automatically removed from the chat room system without notice.

If the chat system no longer appears or works as expected please contact the admin using the contact us form (and only the admin; moderators cannot assist) with the following information:

1. Approximately when did the chat stop appearing or functioning?

2. Were you actively in the chat when it stopped? Were you even logged into the site?

3. Does anyone else have access to your LittlespaceOnline account?

4. If you using the chat at the time it stopped working then did you likely use any foul language, talk about prohibited topics (such as child abuse), or send someone links to other sites or social media accounts? Were you in a disagreement or argument at the time?

Please know that the site maintains a public PG-13 rating, and that private conversations may exceed this expectation; however, some topics (such as child abuse) remain prohibited and may result in permanent bans if reported.

5. From your recollection, did you use any language through the chat that appeared as **** to other users?

6. The chat system is not for dating, partner-seeking, roleplaying, or building other groups. Do any of these points possibly apply to your chat history? If so, please explain.

7. That you are aware of, were you likely or possibly reported by another user? If so, please explain.

8. Please provide your account username, your e-mail address associated with your account, and your IP address.

Please try to clear your browser's cache and cookies.

1. Go into your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari) settings/options and:
  1. Clear your cache and cookies/website browsing history and data
  2. Close your browser completely (yes, the whole program/application)
  3. Reopen your browser
  4. Come back to the LittlespaceOnline site at
  5. Log back in and re-try to access the chat rooms
2. Double check to make absolutely sure your browser is up to date and has no pending updates to go through. Make sure your browser's plug-ins are up to date. If you don't know how to check these things then ask Google. 3. Try a different browser to verify it's not just the one you're using. Some browsers are outdated and aren't updated any longer or regularly, such as the case with Internet Explorer.

4. Take screen-shots of any error messages you see at that point so that you can provide the information you're seeing. Contact the site admin directly with full details about the issue and what you've tried to do to correct it.
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