General Rules of the Chat

Chat Rules

Respect everyone.

Keep it PG-13 maximum in the chat rooms.*

Only exchange contact information or links to your personal information privately. Always. Any and all contact information.

Self-promotion is not permitted. We don't need to be linked to your stuff.

Promoting other sites, content, or media is not permitted.

Intimate conversations should always be in private. This means all cybering, cybersexing, erotic roleplay, ERP, sexting, whatever-you-kids-call-it-these-days.

The Conversation room is our main chat room. It is not for roleplaying or playing pretend. It is for open discussions with the community group. If you only want to roleplay then create a separate chat room for roleplay. Littlespeak/baby talk is not necessarily considered roleplay and is permitted in all of our chat rooms. See more info, details, and examples outlined here about what is and is not roleplay.

Roleplay chat rooms should be created for group roleplay, not requests for people to privately message a person to roleplay. You're welcome to use the appropriate sections on the forum to search for friends who also like to roleplay.

Please try to do your due diligence to keep the community safe by reporting persons who need to be reported. This includes incidents of harassment, bullying, and spam.

Prohibited topics: persons biologically under 18 in any context, incest, beastiality/zoophilia, suicide, substance use/abuse (yes, all of them, regardless of local legality), illegal activity (you know, like, murder).

* Private chats may exchange messages exceeding a PG-13 rating.

Chat Tips

We are not an online dating community, please do not try to "look for" someone special through our chat system. The forum has specific areas for that and we encourage you to visit our dedicated dating site at for match-making.

Try to be mindful that not everyone that is logged in currently wants to chat with everyone else. Respect personal decisions and do not abuse the chat system by abusing, harassing, pressuring, or degrading other members.

You are still required to report persons under the biological age of 18.

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