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What is my little age?

What Little Age Am I?
Real Developmental Milestones for Comparison

The general consensus is that your little state, little age, or regression age is how you feel inside yourself, even if you don't physically or outwardly display being different than other typical adults. Only you know how you truly feel inside of yourself. Personal discovery, revelation, and understanding often begins with how you feel inside about yourself, and that's often not something someone can direct you to do or give you an explicit guide on how to experience yourself, about yourself and for yourself. Even if you don't realize it, you know yourself better than anyone else.

The question though that then spurs is that how does a biological ___ year-old person actually feel though. What does it actually feel like to be a child or to be a certain age? What are normal behaviors of a ___ year old person? What does a ___ year old person enjoy and prefer that is different than other ages?
These are referenced throughout many resources here and we have been working to compile a detailed description of such age-range behaviors, activities, and capabilities to compare yourself and your desires better.

Generalized social and emotional, language and communication, cognitive thinking and problem-solving skills, movement and physical development, personal hygiene capabilities, and entertaining activities of these age-ranges to use as a guide in determining where your actions and thought patterns fall more realistically while in littlespace.

In short, many Littles discover their approximate regression age by searching online for their regressed interests, feelings, and behaviors to compare them against targeted audiences (in the case of tv, movies, and games), and developmental expectations of children. By accumulating this data it allows an individual to gain a better insight to whet ages most of their regression falls. It’s important though to remember that some interests will fall outside of the majority, but it is the majority that pinpoints a person’s regression age.

Age 0 / Infant-like

Age 1 / baby-like

Age 2 / toddler-like

Age 3 / toddler-like

Age 4 / childlike

Age 5 / childlike

You may also find a bit of assistance in our breakdown of the different types of littles within Caregiver/little dynamics informational article that outlines age-range names.

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