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Questions to ask a little, adult baby, or age regressor

Questions and other things to ask a little, adult baby, or age regressor prior to beginning a relationship:
This document is intended to be used as a simple starting point to help you determine if the person you are connecting with is actually a good match for you and your needs.


How did you discover Caregiver/little (CGL, DDLG, MDLB, AB, or whatever you're specifically connecting over)?

What interests you or what do you like about CGL relationships?

Are you always a little or do you switch roles sometimes? If so, are you 50% little/50% Caregiver or something else?

How long have you been or realized you were a little?

How did you discover that you're a little?

What are some reasons why you identify as a little?

What type of little or age regressor are you?

What do you like to be called as a little when you're being taken care of?

What do you like to do for your Caregiver?

What do you like to do when you're really feeling little or actively regressing?


How many people have you been a little to in the past?

Why do you think your past relationship attempts failed?

Is anyone caring for you right now?

Are you interested in having a 24/7 CGL style relationship where you would be little and rely on your partner all of the time?

What do you personally think you can offer to a Caregiver?

Partner Preferences

What type of Caregiver do you like? Many rules, chores and assignments, strict and heavy on punishments, only positive reinforcement, ..?

How much care do you think is the best for you and seems to make you happiest?

What do you really, really, really like your Caregiver doing for you? Something that you need to feel fulfilled. Basically, what is something that has made you the happiest in them doing for you in the past?

What do you expect your Caregiver to be like usually?

Do you think littles should work a job and help support themselves, you, or your household/family together if you get very serious with them?


What are your needs when you're regressed?

Do you wear or use adult diapers?

What is your little-age?

Do you have an item you're very attached to when feeling little?

What are some activities or things you like to do when feeling little or regressing?


Are you only physically intimate, sometimes physically intimate, rarely physically intimate, or never physically intimate?

Do you like CGL physically intimate-based scenes or is it nonsexual for you?

During physically intimate-based situations, are you still little and regressed or are you in an adult mindset only?

More In-Depth
  • What does CGL mean to YOU? How do you define or describe it?
    • What do you feel a little is or does? What type of little or age regressor are you?
    • What do you feel a Caregiver is or does? What type of Caregiver do you think is the most ideal for you?
    • How do you think a relationship that is CGL based is different than a typical relationship? In your opinion or as far as you're aware, what, specifically, is done differently?
  • Where or how did you learn about CGL?
    • Do you have any resources you could point me toward that you feel accurately explains CGL?
  • Do you think you've had a CGL relationship before? Why didn't it work out in the end? What was the most fulfilling about it?
  • What do you want from a CGL relationship?
    • What makes you the happiest about CGL relationships? What is most fulfilling about it?
  • What do you think the CGL community needs to better it's growth?
  • Is CGL a kink to you? Do you only or primarily think of it being physically intimate for you? Is it a "turn on" for you in general so that any time you think of CGL you think of physically intimate situations?
    • Are there times where you want to be very little-like but not physically intimate at all? Can you give me some examples of times where you want to be regressed or little-like and what those times look like in your mind?

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Things to ask any person prior to starting any bonding relationships:

"How old are you?"
"When is your birthday?"
"What is 'too old' for you and what is 'too young' for you when connecting with people like me? Everybody has perferences!"

Location and Housing
"Where do you live right now?"
"Where are you from?"
"Do you like where you live?"
"Do you live alone, with family, or with roommates?"

"What's your name?"
"What name do you like to go by?"
"What name should I call you by while we're still getting to know each other?"

"What do you do for a living?"
"How many hours do you usually work?"
"Do you work day shift or overnights?"
"Do you like your job?"
"Do you plan on changing your career path?"

Free time / Activities/ Hobbies / Interests
"What do you do in your free time?"
"What are some activities you enjoy?"
"What are your hobbies?"
"What are your main interests?"
"What takes up most of your time right now?
"What are some of your favorite songs or musical artists?"
"What are some of your favorite movies?"
"What is your favorite ..."

General Get-to-Know-You Stuff
"What are some of your favorite foods?"
"When do you usually go to sleep?"
"Are you online a lot?"
"Are politics important to you? If so, what party do you belong? Are you passionate about voting or activism?"
"Are you religious? If so, do you belong to a church or organized group? Is it important to you to find a partner with the same belief system?"

Current Relationship Status
"Are you seeing anyone right now? If so, how do they feel about you seeing other people?"
"Are you in a relationship?"
"Are you looking for a(nother) partner?"

Relationship Preferences
"Are you looking for a monogamous or polyamorous type of relationship?"
"Are you looking for something serious or just online roleplay?"
"Are you looking for something long-term or just short-term, whenever?"
"Are you looking for only local partners or are you open to trying a long distance relationship?"

Partner Preferences
"What type of partner(s) are you looking to find?"
"What do you like in a partner?"
"Do you have a body type you like most?"
"Do you have age preferences?"

Communication Preferences
"Do you prefer to chat here or elsewhere?"
"When might you be comfortable voice or video chatting?"
"Do you prefer to be in constant communication or only at set times that are convenient for us both?"

physically intimate Preferences
"What is your sexuality?"
"Are you a virgin? If so, is that a personal choice in waiting? If not, how many people have you been intimate up up until now? (Are you tested for STDs/STIs regularly? When was your last check-up?)"
"Do you have any kinks? If so, what do you feel comfortable sharing with me about those?"
"How long do you like to know or be with someone before you become intimate?"
"Do you have any soft or hard limits?"

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