Littles Movie Night

Little's Movie Night Event!

Event Day of the Week: Every Saturday
Movie Night Times: 10PM Eastern/9PM Central/8PM Mountain/7PM Pacific Time
Movie Night Link:

  • Open to: Our friends here at Littlespace Online!
    Please use the same username you use on the site so we know you're our friend here.

Movie types you can expect:
  • Any film PG-13 and under. (Preference of G/PG rated films but we don't want to exclude our older middles so PG-13 too!)
  • Random fun films (sometimes family classics) from the 1980s and 1990s too.
  • Fairly new movies the week they are released.
  • Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon Movies, and other popular options are not guaranteed every week.
  • If there is a sequel movie coming out then we may show the original first to refresh everyone.
  • Nature/animal, family-friendly documentaries occasionally.
  • Only movies available for digital release purchase. All of our movies are paid for by jken1461.
  • October is usually Halloween-themed or children's/family-friendly spooky films.
  • December is usually Christmas/holiday-themed, children's, and family-friendly films.
  • Other holiday months (November, for example, is Thanksgiving holiday for the U.S. members) we may show holiday-themed films scattered once or twice throughout the month as well.
    • We go by the Motion Picture Association of America rating system.

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