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ABDL DDLG MDLB Littles Clothing and Accessories

Online Sites and Stores

This page is intended to be a live resource of active sites that offer items that may be of interest. It can be used to answer the general question: Where can I buy Ddlg clothing and items? If you find a dead or broken link please report it right away. If you would like your site or link placed on this page please contact the administration. As always, please consider shopping first from our Littlespace Online Store to help support our wonderful community.

Please click this to see a large categorized list of even more AB and littlespace shops, stores, and links!

AB Adult Sized Diapers:

ABU (ABU Space, ABU Lavender, ABU Cushies, ABU Simple, ABU BareBum, etc.)

Aww So Cute Teddy Bear Diapers

Bambino Diapers

Cuddlz Adult Nursery Nappy/Diaper

Diaper Connoisseur (DC Idyl, DC Amor, Hand in Hand) diapers

Fabine Diapers

We do not recommend this company or brand due to serious mistreatment of the community.


Adult Sized Pacifiers

Pacifiers R Us (Adult sized pacificers and clips):

Adult Pacifier (adult pacifiers; same creators of PacifiersRUs):

Adult Sized Bottles

8oz plastic baby bottle but with a big adult-sized nipple:

Cosy N Dry versions:

14oz, 24oz, and 40oz BPA-free plastic bottle converts that are designed:

These AB "My Bottle" versions are sold under many different stores:

22oz glass ones with the silicone sleeves: &

This one is glass but has a livestock feeding nipple that is longer:

Wearing Clouds sells their versions here: ... by-bottle/

Cuddlz version: ... e-or-pink/

Baby Pants versions have a variety of prints (even Mickey Mouse) and colors:
(A lot of these you can buy on Amazon too if you feel more comfortable: )

Rearz sells their versions here:
(Printed with handles):
(Zoo print):
(Better grip):

Rearz also sells a plastic 9oz feeding bottle with handles:
We do not recommend this company or brand due to serious mistreatment of the community.

ABDLFactory sells NUK branded adult baby bottles too
Small size: ... for-adults
Large size: ... mmie-240ml

AwwSoCute sells what they call Boobie Bottles that are suppose to mimic breastfeeding with how it feels against your mouth and is silicone so soft and squeezable:

A 16oz mason jar that has been converted to an adult baby bottle:

Sippy cup versions of the mason jar baby bottle:

Adult Baby or Little Surprise Options, Crate, Bags, and Boxes

Adult Size Pajama Online Stores

Footed Pajamas (Adult sized footed pajamas):

Pajama City (Adult sized footed pajamas):

Jumpin Jammerz (Adult sized footie pajamas):

Other Online Clothing and Gear Sites for Littles:

Forever A Kid (Adult Baby Clothing):

Onesies Downunder (Adult baby onesies with cute prints and holiday themes as well as pacifiers)

Cosy 'n' Dry (Adult baby clothes such as adult sized onesies and diapers):

Sissy Heaven - Adult Baby Clothing section:

SissyKiss Boutique - Adult Baby Clothing section:

I Love Ruffles (Handmade with love by Nellie - Adult Baby clothing section):

AB Factory (Adult sized diapers, plastic pants, etc):

Fetware (primarily incontinence items such as diapers and plastic pants):

Aww So Cute (Adult sized onesies, adult baby clothing, adult pacifiers, inflatable adult crib, etc):

Baby Pants (Adult sized plastic pants, onesies, diapers, pacifiers, etc):

Cuddlz (Adult sized diapers, onesies, binkies / pacifiers, etc):

Inner Child (Adult sized nappies, waterproof pants, and more):

AB Universe (adult sized diapers):

Adult Baby Furniture and Housewares Online Stores:

Adult Baby Furniture (Adult sized cribs, cradles, high chairs, changing tables, etc):

Beds by George - Adult Cribs (originally for special needs or physically/mentally challenged persons): ... /index.php

Theraposture - AB Crib (The Timmy Cot can be adult-sized):

Viktoria Creations (AB cribs, rocking horses, and high chairs): ... -furniture

BigLittleFurniture on Etsy - Adult Sized High Chair:

KinderKey (folding travel bed to mimic safe cosleeping cot or as an adult travel crib):

BaKare (cots for children can accommodate up to a 6'5" adult body height in sleeping space):

Crib Bed (beautifully handmade, solid oak full-size adult twin bed; offers custom orders):

AB Crib Plans by Baby Stanley (~$200 to build; only $20 for the plans to create):

AB Highchair Plans by Baby Stanley (~$150-$200 to build; only $35 for the plans to create):

Etsy Shops for Handmade Ddlg / AB / Cgl / Ageplay:

Forever a Baby:

Adult Baby Things:

Toddler Forever:

My Binkies and Bows:

Adult Baby Sissy:

Big Bottles:

AB Padded Bottom:

Daddys BeDeeSeM Shop:

Cushy Paws:

Todds Comfy Cloth:

Mina's AB Place:

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